Monday, November 22, 2010

Sixth element power bar product

The Sixth Element products are high tech products using the Quantum Physical Technology to increase engine power and enhance fuel economy. You only need about 5 seconds after plugging in the Power Bar plug in the cigarette lighter socket of your car to experience the Quantum Technology function. It improves the electricity conductivity and provides better signal transmission in the Electric Control Unit to smooth the gear shifting and reduce fuel consumption. The product surface is made of plasticized steel; the melting point is 250℃, has a 10-year warranty and life time usage.

The 4th Gen V1s power bar and most effective Power Bar. Plug and play. No cutting of wire and modification needed. Maintain your car warranty by manufacturer. Tested on Toyota Yaris. we did a 0-100km/h test. After installing V1s Power Bar, the timing improve by 0.7second!


DIY Easy installation in cigarette lighter socket.
Significantly improves vehicle acoustics.
Increase horsepower, 5% fuel economy benefits.
Using quantum technology to free electrons, enhance ECU
     transmission signal to achieve rapid shift effect. The product
     does not supply nor consume power.
Does not affect original wiring .
The effect of PowerBar is permanent.
Not limited to certain brands or vehicle types, Supports and
     optimizes to all automobiles.
Can be retained and transferred to a new car.
10 year warranty, lifetime product use.
PowerBar V1s Performance Test

Sixth Element products have undergone various performance tests. It has been clearly demonstrated that the torque output had
optimized and reduced fuel consumption and increased engine power. The ignition system becomes more stable and you get
quick response when accelerating. The brightness level of the headlights is also increased. The test report is as follows.


Blogger Mike B said...

Complete Bullshit. It won't give you any power and won't do anything but make you look like a fool if you buy it.

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